Silly Billy’s CLASSES


Silly Billy Sports provides a range of activities specifically designed for children from 2,5 to 6 years old.

Our program allows children to thrive through fun and physical activities. We build skills as a basis for sports and work towards more challenging classes as the program continues.

We introduce children to sports in a structured, safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment. During each class kids are taught fundamental skills that develop their confidence, challenge them to explore how their bodies move and encourage the participation in active play and team activities.

Skill development, fun, friendships, building confidence, and a love of physical activity are our focus to ultimately enjoy a lifetime love of sports.


  • Initiating kids to a large range of sports

  • Building friendships in a fun environment

  • Encouraging teamwork and good sportsmanship

  • Learning to take turns and follow instructions

  • Enhancing social skills amongst other children

  • Adapting fundamental skills of specific sports

  • Improving confidence, co-ordination and self-esteem


Silly Billy classes are held indoors and each session lasts 30 minutes with the Tiny Tots (2,5 – 3,5 yo class) or 45 minutes with the Little Stars and Little Legends (3,5 – 6 yo classes).

Each session consists of a dynamic warm-up, stretch routine, one sport, and a range of specific activities designed to enhance hand-eye/foot-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Skills focus

  • Sports: Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, T-Ball, Football, AFL, Gymnastics, Hockey, and Athletics

  • Locomotor skills: throw, catch, run, hop, side gallop, leap, skip, jump, two-hand strike, kick, twist

  • Fun relays, obstacle courses, balance, coordination, agility, speed, power, and reaction time


Throughout the year, we discover the foundation of 9 sports, and each sport is taught for 2 weeks.

This way, it is sufficient to learn the basic concepts and skills associated, while we limit the chances of children losing interest in a particular activity.

Achievement ceremony

Silly Billy Sports teaches the fundamentals of 9 different sports in a fun learning environment, and our Tiny tots, Little Stars, and Little Legends receive quarterly badges which highlight the sports they are discovering in our program.

The little ones absolutely love showing their badges to their teammates and family!

Levels & Age Groups

Silly Billy Sports program has 3 different age based levels. Each level is a skill progression from the previous course and is designed to meet the physical, emotional and social development needs of children in that age group.

Tiny Tots

2,5 – 3,5 years

A fun initiation to sports. The fundamentals taught are basic.

We ask for parental participation

little stars

3,5 – 4,5 years

At this stage, children have a greater capacity of listening and following instructions.

Children are encouraged to participate more independently

Little legends

4,5 – 6 years

Further advanced, children learn quicker and we adapt our activities to suit their abilities. 

Full independence is encouraged

Silly Billy classes are on RAIN or SHINE! Classes are run indoors.